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Malta Individual Investigator Programme (IIP)

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Malta individual Investor Programme (IIP)

The Government of the Republic of Malta has recently issued the relevant Legal Notice covering the IIP Regulations.

The Maltese citizenship is granted to both EU or non-EU reputable persons, and their dependants.

It is awarded to persons after significant investment is made in Malta and thorough due diligence and compliance is provided to and approved by the Maltese Government.

Malta is part of the European Union, Commonwealth and a Shengen member which may be very attractive to some.

There are 3 main stages for the application:

1.       a.    At the initial stage an application pack is filed with the Maltese Government through an accredited person; 

b.    The applicant is given a reference number against a non-refundable start up deposit contribution of euro10,000.


2.       This is the most important stage, since the applicant will know whether or not he will be approved or declined by the Maltese Government.


a.       Thorough due diligence is undertaken on the applicant and on his/her dependants against a fee of euro7,500 on the main applicant and euro3,000 to euro5,000 on his/her dependants.

(kindly refer to MIIP checklist, pages 4 to 6 points 6 to 20, for a detailed list of due diligence and compliance required)

b.    The Government will approve or reject the applicant within 4 months;

c.     When and If approved, a Letter of Approval in Principle is issued and the applicant must pay the remaining contribution of euro640,000 plus expenses within 25days;


3.       Within the next 4 months (or during the first stages) the applicant must make various investments in Malta.

a.    Purchase property worth euro350,000 or more, or rent property of euro16,000/year of more, to be held for a minimum of 5years;

b.    An investment of Government bonds/ stocks/ debentures/ special purpose vehicles or other approved investments, worth euro150,000 or more;

c.    Undertake to provide proof of residence in Malta of atleast one year preceding date of issuance of Certificate of Naturalisation;  

d.    Provide evidence of Global health insurance cover of euro50,000 per person a year;

e.    Prove further links with Malta, for instance club memberships, employing a secretary, opening bank accounts, children attending Maltese schools etc.


When all of the above is done and satisfied by the Malta Government, all applicants aged 18years and over, must come to Malta to take an Oath of Allegiance and is then awarded the Certificate of Naturalisation.


   The applicant may at this stage submit an application for a Maltese Passport.

Malta Individual Investor Programme

Contribution to theNational Economic and Social Development Fund

Principal Applicant:



If applicable, add Spouse:

+ €25,000

If applicable, add for each Dependent aged under 18:

+ €25,000

If applicable, add for each Dependents aged over 18:

+ €50,000


There is a programme cap of 1,800 applications. This means that once 1,800 main applications will have been approved, the programme will cease however the Government of Malta has a right to issue further applications. There is no time frame or deadline to achieving that limit.

The Government of Malta has also published with the official application forms for interested applicants.

CSL Ltd is a registered agent authorised by Identity Malta to submit application forms on behalf of interested application. Should you wish further information on the IIP, please do not hesitate to contact us.